Sunday, January 21, 2007


I still cannot believe that it was over!

I am a graduate of the LL.M program of Strathclyde University, LAw School as of September 2006. The last months of the program was fully devoted to the dissertation. (*)
Although we never met, I have a lot of new friends and colleagues after 2 yrs of hard work. I highly recommend Strathclyde's LL.M program who have no time to go to the classes in person but deeply wish to be an expert in these relatively new fields of law...

After Harvard's programs such a curriculum and an European approach helped me to complete the puzzle...

Thanks a lot Professor Ian Lloyd, Moira Simpson, my tutors Susan Schiavetta, Ian King and Neil Bruce. Warmest thanks to administrative team specially to Carol Hutton, Denise Bula (now she's with another University though), Janet Ridell and Gareth Ryan, Assistant Librarian, Law Library!

(*) I have been working on its Turkish translation since then. My intention is to publish it in Turkey. The subject is not open to public yet! ;)

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