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Codev2:Lawrence Lessig
From the Preface: "This is a translation of an old book—indeed, in Internet time, it is a translation of an ancient text." That text is Lessig's "Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace." The second version of that book is "Code v2." The aim of Code v2 is to update the earlier work, making its argument more relevant to the current internet...

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Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Harvard Extension School to Offer First University Course through Second Life, a 3-D Virtual Environment
Contact: Amanda Michel, Berkman Center
11September 2006

* The Berkman Center will be hosting a webcast discussion with Professor Charles Nesson and Rebecca Nesson about CyberOne September 12, 2006 at noon (eastern). Details below.*
Cambridge, MA – The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School and the Harvard Extension School announce the offering of "CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion," the first class at Harvard University to be offered in part in Second Life, a 3-D virtual environment.
Co-taught by Professor Charles Nesson, Rebecca Nesson, and Gene Koo, CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion turns law and Harvard toward the creation of our future in a networked information economy. "CyberOne models a university relationship with the public of open-access," says Professor Nesson.
"Our class is itself an argument for open access and its expression." CyberOne is being jointly offered this fall through the Harvard Law School and the Harvard Extension School. Course video, lecture, and project materials will be freely available in Second Life to anyone with an Internet connection. The Berkman Center in conjunction with Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) will also be broadcasting select video on CCTV.
Says Rebecca Nesson, who will lead the course in Second Life, "Second Life offers the opportunity for a greatly enhanced distance education experience." Students taking the course through the Harvard Extension School will be meeting weekly with their instructors and fellow students in Second Life for usual classroom activities as well as innovative projects that make use of the myriad possibilities of the Second Life environment. "Our students will be learning about virtual worlds while experiencing their class in a virtual world. It will be an exciting education for all of us."
According to Michael Shinagel, Dean of the Harvard Extension School, “We are pleased to be working with the Berkman Center in offering Cyber One as one of our 100 distance courses this year and we look forward to bringing what we learn from it into our other online offerings.”

In Professor Nesson and Rebecca Nesson’s grant proposal to the Provost’s Office, he explained that, “The inclusion of the Harvard Extension School in this project is an acknowledgement that, among Harvard’s schools, it is the one that has made the most progress and possesses the greatest expertise in making Harvard’s content accessible to an online audience.”

CyberOne represents convergence of the Berkman Center’s and the Extension School’s ongoing processes of pedagogical innovation and experimentation, with inquiry into openness, new technologies and related policy, learning and social media. The course is supported by a grant from the Provost's Fund for Innovation in Instructional Technology, and by the resources of the Harvard Law School and Harvard Extension School.

Discussion: Professor Charles Nesson and Rebecca Nesson will be speaking about CyberOne on Tuesday, September 12 at noon (eastern). * You can tune in via webcast at: rtsp:// and ask questions via IRC: irc:// * You can also join them in Second Life on Berkman Island: * All information about CyberOne is at:

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Notes towards a Taxonomy of P2P Publications"

Dr Axel Bruns
Media & Communication, Creative Industries Faculty,
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
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EDRI-gram biweekly newsletter about digital civil rights in Europe
Number 4.13, 5 July 2006
1. Creative Communities and Consumers in TACD Conference
2. Terrorist Finance Tracking Program raises privacy questions
3. Private hotlines questioned at EC Safer Internet Forum
4. Dutch Parliament opposes the new EU IPR draft directive
5. German experts think search engines should be monitored
6. Swedish file-sharing damage insurance company expands
7. New French copyright law gives Apple satisfaction
8. Google's victory in court against German publisher
9. Consultation launched by UK government on the controversial RIPA act
10. IPRED Directive Implementation in Italy
11. News on CoE activities on Human Rights in the Information Society
12. Book launch on Human Rights in the Global Information Society
13. Recommended reading
14. Agenda

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Editor Sjoera Nas from the Dutch NGO Bits of Freedom has left EDRI-gram after having run it for 3 years. She will be on maternity leave later this year. She is replaced by a new editor, Bogdan Manolea from Romania. Bogdan who is my friend and also co-editor of this blog, has a legal background and plenty of expertise in IT and civil rights. He is the co-founder of the new Romanian association APTI, that has become EDRI-member in August 2005. The Association for Technology and Internet (APTI) is a group of internet experts who wish to promote human rights in the digital environment and support digital civil rights in the Romanian society.

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FOIA for Morocco...

Morocco wants a freedom of information law...

Upon the invitation by NDI and the Parliamentary Caucus, I attended in a Seminar on FOI in Rabat on November 6, 2005... The goal was to help support efforts by interested parties in beginning or advocating for the drafting of freedom of information legislation. As the representative of www.BilgiEdinmeHakki.Org , I tried to share what we experienced here in Turkey within the first two years of the Turkish FOIA...

Picture: Tansug and David Banisar, the Director, FOI Project, Privacy International...

John Palfrey Appointed Harvard Law School Clinical Professor of Law

At the end of last semester the Faculty of Harvard Law School voted to appoint John Palfrey as a Clinical Professor of Law. This appointment recognizes the enormous contributions John has made since becoming the Berkman Center’'s Executive Director in 2002. Everyone at Berkman - its faculty, fellows, staff, and friends - is extremely proud of John'’s extraordinary achievements and wish their intrepid leader, known for his equal measures of brilliance, commitment, kindness, and modesty, the best in this exciting new phase of his career.
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